CPF up to 5% returns? My investment scheme is better than yours (or not)!

Cos’ my investment schemes better than yours

You’ve probably heard of friends of friends who have some secret by-invite-only investment schemes that transformed their lives overnight. Tempted to take up side gigs in the hopes of retiring as a multi-millionaire? Lured by the high and fast returns on your investments?

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. CPF is really all you need for retirement! Sure boh…

Prof Benjamin Koh, Professor of Finance at Lee Kong Chian School of Business, once said in a panel discussion, “I present papers at international conferences. You won’t believe what people say: ‘Can I invest in your account? Can foreigners buy it?’.” The ang mo also want, must be good hor…

Still, if you must explore ‘better’ investments cos’ your last name Buffett… Read on!

Sky-high returns that’ll make your mama proud

CPF promising up to 5% annual returns? What is that compared to 30% annual returns on my investments? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

That dazzling smile and 30% returns on your investments? Yassss


In 2016, drawn to the blings, clients of Asia Fine Diamonds were told they were buying rare-coloured stones costing more $10,000 per diamond. In addition, they were promised 15% annual returns on their investments by a man named Guillianno Norberto R Mata Pena who’s linked to different companies that have received investor complaints of no returns. Thousands of wine and diamond investors promised sky-high returns were left high, dry and crying when the owner became uncontactable… *Maybe they suay only?

Own a property and a piece of land overseas! By-invite-only ok?

Why have my CPF locked up for years? My land-banking scheme promises returns of more than 10% within six months!

In a much publicised case, two Britons, Timothy Goldring and John Nordmann, were jailed for 15 years for cheating investors in one of these property schemes. They had assured investors that their products had been pre-sold to major corporations, which turned out to be a lie.

Perks and fast money as such have lured potential investors to various land-banking schemes, investing in properties and plots of land in Britain, China… all over the world. While tempting, investors really need to be savvy enough to understand what they are buying into.

Crypto the way, yo.

In the OneCoin scam in Singapore last year where two men were charged with promoting OneCoin, a ‘fraudulent cryptocurrency’, investors drawn to high returns on yet another one of these MLM crypto schemes were left with nothing.

That said, there are many legitimate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum – highly traded cryptocurrencies. However, the many Altcoin scams really tarnished the reputation of other credible cryptocurrency developments.

Before investing large amounts into any ‘promising’ altcoin, always be sure to understand your investments well! The worst investment may just be the investment that got your best friend’s brother’s uncle’s wife driving a Porsche…

Point to note, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies are not legal tender. They are not backed by any assets or issuer. Just like most jurisdictions, the Monetary Authority of Singapore does not regulate cryptocurrencies! So, there are no regulatory safeguards for investment in these coins. Oldie but goldie, do your homework, do your homework, do your homework.

Your best retirement plan for the non-savvy investor? Your C-P-F. Thank me later.

Drumrolls… Your C-P-F will be your best bet in building a nest egg for your retirement if you’re not a savvy investor! Not Tom, Dick or Harry say one ok, is financial experts say! Sure boh…

When you invest, you are buying a day that you don’t have to work. The question is, what to invest in?

The Singapore’s CPF system is very much hiam-ed by some Singaporeans but, really, do you know that it garners a lot of positive attention with foreigners and locals who hack the system to maximise their interest earned?

Savvy as Singaporeans are, critics see CPF as the government’s tool to ‘nanny’ its people. But the more rational ones will see that a 4 – 5 per cent interest rate guaranteed by a government with a triple-A credit rating is just unique, please.

OCBC’s inaugural survey on financial health in 2019 found that while most Singaporeans have good basic financial habits, they fared more poorly when it came to investing and growing their wealth. About a third do not invest, and most working adults are not prepared for retirement.

For the not-so-savvy investors looking to retiring comfortably, feel free to explore the ultra-high returns, fast-cash ‘investments’, but CPF is your best bet really!



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