More calls for assistance for mature PMEs & enhancing of employability of the local workforce


Remember we say that during the Budget 2023 Debate, got alot of people talk about the plight of workers in Singapore? Actually, I thought it would stop there, but then during the Committee of Supply Debate (COS), still got people talk about workers’ wellbeing leh. 

If you all didn’t know, the COS is a yearly affair (just like the Budget) wherein each ministry presents their plans, and also the funds that they will need to carry them out. 

Because Kakak is a mature PME and a very patriotic Singaporean, these 2 Labour MPs calls really struck a chord in Kakak’s heart lah. 

Patrick Tay suggests for MOM to consider extending more support to Mature Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) 

Patrick Tay 哥哥 (Ge-Ge) that time during Budget Debate 2023 also got speak up about the concerns about PMEs lah, and he has been doing this for very long lah. In the COS, Patrick Tay highlighted that alot of mature PMEs especially those above 40 years of age are anxious about their employment prospects and employability. Basically they very worried about whether or not they can keep their jobs, and whether or not they can find another job if touch wood they get laid off or they wish to move to another career. 

So Patrick Tay made three suggestions to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM); 

  • Extend the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) and restore Career Support Programme, meant to incentivise and encourage employers to hire mature workers, especially for the PMEs; 
  • Introduce a Mid-Life Career Transition programme that involves individualised career coaching, advisory and counselling to provide personalised guidance and support for every mature worker including PMEs, whether they are in or out of employment 
  • Consider raising the current $4,000 salary cap of the Special Employment Credit to benefit more mature PMEs 


Why is Patrick Tay calling for the government to restore the Career Support Programme? 

The Career Support Programme (CSP) was focused on helping unemployed mature PMEs find employment and incentivising these companies. The JGI, although it covers various workers, was born out of the pandemic, and is slated to end by March 2023. 

Restoring the CSP would mean that unemployed mature workers are protected permanently. Patrick Ge ge wants the G to consider reinstating the CSP so that there are more schemes in place out there to assist unemployed mature workers. This also enhances the employability of the Mature PMEs out there who are having trouble finding work.

Please employ our resident workforce! – NMP Abdul Samad 

On top of that, Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Abdul Samad also talked about strengthening the Singaporean core. 

Actually, I want to ask – what is the Singaporean core? Akak also don’t know, so Akak go read lah. 

The Singaporean core, according to this article is defined as: – 

“The concept of a “Singaporean core”, can be interpreted as either a policy direction to foster self-reliance and local capabilities, or a euphemism which includes foreign labour as a significant, permanent fixture of Singapore’s workforce.” 

Wah so cheem ah.

Abang Samad in his COS speech made a call for all employers to make our resident workforce a core group that runs operations, but beyond that, for management and leadership. He also called for employers to be receptive to Singaporeans that are falling short of required skills, and to make use of relevant funding support from the Ministry of Manpower. There are programmes out there that incentivise companies to recruit our resident workforce into their companies. 

Bonus – Addressing the issue of retirement adequacy, NMP Abdul Samad also made a call to the government for Government-linked and Temasek Link companies that are doing well to continue with the CPF contribution of 17% instead of reducing it when workers reach 55 years old. 

In the words of our parliamentarians, it is indeed heartening to know that there are heroes like Abang Samad and Patrick Ge-ge who have the interests of workers at heart. 

Steady lah! 

Sure Boh?

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