Cleaners’ wages will increase every year from 2023, thanks to Progressive Wage Model

Cleaners’ wages will increase every year from 2023, thanks to Progressive Wage Model

This means that about 40,000 cleaners will be benefitting from the wage increase!

According to CNA, cleaners will be getting an increment every year for the next 6 years from 2023 onwards.

This good news came after the Gahmen say “OK!” to the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC) when they recommend that the cleaners get a pay increment since they worked so hard and in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic period.


No hor…. It is not to say the cleaners must wait 2 years for the increment hor. If you remember in 2018, the Gahmen had already agreed to increase the wages of cleaners by about 3% every year between 2020 and 2022. This one is already in place liao lah. Just that with this new announcement, it means that the cleaners will be given an increment every year until 2028!

This is how the cleaners’ pay will look like over the next 6 years:

With the new wage adjustments, other categories of workers like restroom cleaners and healthcare cleaners will have to be paid at least $1,795.

Under this Progressive Wage Model (PWM), the more training the cleaners undergo to upgrade their skills and increase their productivity, the higher their salaries will be. Macam climb ladder like that, you know? That’s why you see the higher-skilled workers like supervisors lah, mechanical drivers will have a wage floor of $2,210.

This pandemic hor, everything also must be kept clean. This must clean, that also must be clean. The demand for cleaners and cleaning procedures also increased because of this COVID-19. Some more now the cleaners even need to learn the proper steps and got to do the pandemic disinfection. Really lor, it’s about time they get a higher pay liao.

Good to know something is finally done to recognise the importance of the cleaners lah!

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