3 important things about SINOVAC that you should know!

3 important things about SINOVAC that you should know!

Is it your turn to take the COVID-19 vaccine soon? Then here are some important things that you need to know about the SINOVAC vaccine – especially if you are more inclined to take the SINOVAC because your friend’s brother’s colleague’s friend say SINOVAC is better than Pfizer and Moderna.

1. SINOVAC is a vaccine listed for EMERGENCY USE

That means like backup vaccine lah.

According to this article, World Health Organization (WHO) only approved the SINOVAC because it is meant for emergency use, not for the general public to use one.

It is also meant for those poor countries who have no access to vaccines, for their people to get vaccinated too. Because hor to WHO, for countries without many options, got vaccine better than no vaccine mah.

2. The efficacy rate of SINOVAC is only 51%

If you refer to the table below, you will realise that the efficacy rate of SINOVAC is the lowest out of all the vaccines approved by WHO.


You will probably think: KNS! Since SINOVAC’s efficacy rate so low, then why WHO go and include this vaccine in the list ah?

As mentioned in the first point, it is for those poorer countries – bo bian, no options but die-die need to get vaccinated.

So you see lah, it’s not like Singapore got no other better options and cannot choose until must settle for SINOVAC which is a vaccine with the lowest efficacy rate leh.

If the Gahmen can afford to give vaccine of better quality to its people, why got people still want to take SINOVAC leh? It’s like if you can choose a prettier, sexier, more obedient chio bu as your wife, why you want to choose a fierce wife who everyday scold you, everyday give you black face, everything also say NO to you leh?

Some people even still expect the Gahmen to give SINOVAC for free ah. Then later these people take SINOVAC liao then suffer from some side effect how? Is it still want the Gahmen to be responsible? Like that so bo hua (not worth it), who will want wor?

3. You still can take the SINOVAC if you really DIE-DIE want to take

Because some people is really gong buay tia (tell them they also won’t listen) one mah. You tell them that zhabor no good, got a lot of red flags, will cheat money and love liao but they die-die want to marry them. Then wait until one day the wife run away with all their savings and CPF liao then come and cry father cry mother. Like that who to blame leh?

Same logic for this SINOVAC vaccine lor, sure got people like that one. Tell them so much liao, they still die-die want to go and take then it’s their own pasal (problem) liao. Just go and take it at your own risk under the Special Access Route at the private clinics lor.

But don’t say never warn you ah, this SINOVAC is not approved by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) one ah because the data to prove its safety and efficacy is still incomplete.

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