Hong Lim Braless Beer Lady ventures into new business liao!

Hong Lim Braless Beer Lady ventures into new business liao!

You all still remember the legendary braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre??? Tia gong now she got new business liao!

If you all don’t remember her, please go and read the article below:

Braless beer lady at Hong Lim Market and Food Centre sparks debate

But bo ko leng (impossible) you all don’t remember her one lah hor, she so unforgettable leh

Anyway, for those who are curious what is she up to now with the additional restrictions under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) where people can no longer dine-in, she has started her online business of selling nuts and she is also doing the delivery herself – in her 招牌 (trademark) “cooling” outfits!

Must say she is very impressive leh! She knows how to turn 危机 (crisis) into 商机 (opportunities). Cannot run my drinks store at Hong Lim? Nevermind, lao niang will sell my 100% natural ingredients nuts and do the deliveries myself.

Don’t say bo jio. Just one 贴心 reminder for you all who wants to buy Yumi jie jie’s nuts. Remember to open the door and accept the deliveries yourself ok? Don’t let your wife or girlfriend do it

Besides being an entrepreneur and also a delivery personnel now, don’t forget she is also a YouTuber! Cannot chit-chat with customers at my drinks store anymore? Nevermind, lao niang will continue to create video content and do live streaming to interact and engage my customers.

Very adaptable and resilient leh this Yumi jie jie. So resourceful also!

For those freelancers who are not as resourceful as her, you all still can help yourself by tapping on resources and the networking opportunities available at U FSE to help you all improve and enhance your career pathways one. Aiya, if it’s available, why waste it tio bo?

We should all learn from Yumi jie jie sia. With so many skills, she really no need to scared that she cannot survive in this world.

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