Chio bu model went for upskilling and become Software Engineer

Remember the last time lao niang post one story about this ex-SQ chio bu who became a wealth planner at DBS?

After that post, got a lot of people complain say her mask sengeh (crooked), say cannot see her face, even our editor also hiam and complain say not as chio as this ex-model who is now a software engineer after she went for upskilling course!

This chio bu Shona Woo, 30, used to be a model.

But then she realised that she cannot be a model forever, so she decided to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis (GDipSA) from the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore.

Face chio, brain confirm also chio.

Eventually, the one-year programme opened her chio eyes to the possibilities of having the right IT skills and knowledge, since the programme was designed to enable non-IT graduates to forge a new career in the IT industry.

Not just new learners lah, old bird professionals could also enrol to the course to refresh their skills and knowledge too.

As Shona learned more about coding and engineering, she became even more motivated to want to learn more and explore further. She eventually settled on software engineering.

She also 过来人, she also understands the difficulties some career switchers are worrying about. So her advice to those who are also looking for a career change are:

Don’t monkey see monkey do

Think about what you are really interested in and then go for it.

You can first use your SkillsFuture Credit to go for those short short courses first. Just don’t see what your friends take then you also take because you FOMO. Waste time nia.

Must have the right attitude

Be eager to learn and be open to opportunities. No need to be paiseh about asking questions, everyone needs to start from somewhere mah, tio bo?

Shona said that initially she was also about switching career to an entirely different industry. She also got very frustrated and feel very sian about having to learn new skills and new knowledge. But she knows she’s not alone after seeing her class got a lot of people from different age group too, even got old birds who are approaching their mid-40s!

So hor no need to paiseh one, just do it!

Make the most of the resources available to you

Got so many leh.

Got the full-time SGUnited Skills Programme, SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme – Company Training, and Career Transition Programmes, all these are designed to help mid-career job seekers acquire industry-relevant skills, give you advice, and give you employment assistance de.

Gahmen give you all this help, free one, why don’t use leh? Don’t use very lugi de. And hor, new year, new you right? How about picking up a new skill? Hehe.

But ya I must say this Shona really quite chio.

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