Ex-SQ chio bu is now a wealth planning manager at DBS

Ex-flight stewardess Brinda Cheng is now a wealth planning manager at DBS. If Brinda can do it, so can you – if you got the drive and wuxim la – maybe just not as chio as her nia.

Financial services expected to create 1,800 new jobs and 2,000 traineeships by June 2021

Tia gong hor this year DBS had hired more than 2,000 people wor. And the people they hired are mostly experienced staff and mid-career workers from a variety of sectors.

According to a Straits Times article, Brinda, an ex SQ kong zeh, really appreciates the financial planning and problem-solving skills that she has picked up at DBS. She said, “Such knowledge, coupled with the (customer service) skills I picked up during my time with Singapore Airlines… equip me with the tools I need to help my customers achieve their financial planning objectives.” Good job leh, Brinda, you not only chio but also very inspiring! Lao niang wish you all the best for your new job ah…

Now now, a recent survey has shared that the financial services sector is expected to create 1,800 new jobs and 2,000 traineeships by June 2021. Ho seh liao!

Around 880 of these posts will be in technology, including those top roles such as application developers, application architects, and business analysts. If you got skills, you can also try to go and apply. But if you don’t have THEN MAI TU LIAO GO AND LEARN! Go and upgrade yourself at NTUC LearningHub! Don’t just sit there and complain say foreigners snatch your job.

Go where upgrade??? Take simi courses???

There are also a lot of organisations out there that can provide you with training in areas such as data analytics, cyber security, cloud computing etc etc and they can help prepare you for these roles you know! Apart from the SGUnited Skills Programme and the SkillsFuture Credit, there are also other Government initiatives such as SGUnited Jobs and the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways programme that Singaporeans can tap on.

Say real one, help is out there leh. But if you can’t be bothered, don’t even want to help yourself then you slowly wait for the jobs to land on your lap lor… See have a not. If have please tell me, lao niang want to interview you.

In the meantime hor, some of these firms are also recruiting for basic positions like tech support. However, being Singaporeans, sure hiam this hiam that, hiam about the pay for these positions right? Managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore already say liao,”We hope more locals will take up these job roles, even if they are less paid, which also provide a pathway to the intermediate tech jobs, which are in demand.”

Got career path so you can start low, aim high! And hor, tolong and be more realistic a bit. Please don’t fantasize about straight away becoming semo manager or director without any skills or knowledge hor. Hello? 你算哪块小饼干? Who do you think you are ah?

Aiya anyway hor, no jobs will drop on our laps if we just sit there kpkb about foreign talent but we don’t invest and build our own talent one lah. So, be like Brinda! Proactive a bit, find your own 春天 ok?

Even if you not chio as her, you can also go plastic surgery. Anything is possible if you wu xim.

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