Foreign airline crew tio pok liao, then the remaining tenancy how?

Foreign airline crew tio pok liao, then the remaining tenancy how?

The other day hor lao niang bumped into this 妖艳贱货 aka little bitch who was working in an airline company in Orchard Road. She used to be kong zeh lah, air stewardess you know.

At first lao niang don’t recognise her one because her hair xiao messy. So different from her curry pok hair she always comb lei! A bit chua-tio. So anyway she said hi to lao niang first, so lao niang also said hi back to her lor. Courtesy mah, my lao bu teach one.

Catch up a bit with her over bubble tea and tia gong she recently tio pok and kena retrenched by her airline company leh! Don’t say which airline company lah hor, but you know, the blue blue uniform got a lot of pattern that one.

When lao niang first heard she tio pok that time, actually inside my heart I got um-chio a bit and think 你也有今天 (is it Karma?).

Aiya, don’t say lao niang bad lah. Last time when she air stewardess hor always fly around, always buy branded goods and flaunt here flaunt there, life sibei good one. Always see she like live a lavish lifestyle mah, how not to eyes red red lei? Lao niang is zhabor leh. OF course will feel xiao unbalance mah. Some more she is foreigner lah, lao niang just want to um-chio a bit and inside my heart laugh at here and say orbigood can?

Anyway you know lah, because of the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) she bobian, first to kena pok first since Ministry of Manpower (MOM) say liao, must protect Singaporean’s job first.

Even though lao niang got 暗爽 (inside happy) a bit, but after hearing her plight lao niang must say she is quite poor thing lah.

Imagine she 飘洋过海, left her own country to come here and work, no family and not much friends here to depend on. Now not only tio pok and become jobless, she also don’t even have a house to stay because no job mah, so cannot afford to pay for her rental here anymore.

And it’s not like she can just say jitao balik kampung sua. Because she signed rental contract with her landlord liao and must continue to pay for her remaining rental for the rest of the contract wor. Is quite qi-cham one lah.

Think she is just one of those who kena this kind of suay shit, also got a lot of foreigners working in Singapore tio pok liao also kena from those not so kind landlords who will withhold deposits and demand for tenants to pay the tenure in full for premature termination of rental contract. No job no pay liao, use what to pay ah? Backside ah??? Jin bad one sia. Cannot negotiate a bit meh? Help people out a bit lah… Don’t so orh-sim (heartless) lah.

Or is it because the tenants not chio or not yandao enough???

Of course, there are nice and kind landlords lah. But even though lao niang also think should prioritise Singaporeans first because Singaporean Core, but hor, as a society, we should also be helpful to one another, even to these foreigners working here bah.

Have some heart and empathy lah, die already then won’t go to hell.

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