Still want to abuse bus captains some more? Then be prepared to get sued until your pants drop!

Another day, another 社会败类 (scum of society) decided to go and verbally and physically abuse our poor bus captain again.

Just last month only, got this guy called Nimal Desilva become sibei famous, appear all over the news for abusing a bus captain not enough, now got another bugger also want to become famous wor.

OEI, enough hor! Can stop abusing our transport workers?

In case you don’t know what happen, here’s a quick summary of what happened:

  • Bugger boarded bus 21 along Pasir Ris Drive 6 without wearing a mask
  • Bugger only put on the mask later
  • Then bugger suddenly kisiao, started to KPKB and scold vulgarities at the poor bus captain
  • Bugger sibei longwinded, he continued to KPKB all the way for 2 more bus stops
  • Mata (police) tio alerted
  • While waiting for the mata to come, the bugger grabbed the bus captain’s neck and collar
  • Bus captain pleaded with the bugger, ask him don’t like that, let him go, but bugger don’t listen
  • Bugger started punching the bus captain on the head
  • Heng got 3 shuai ges at the bus stop rushed forward to drag the bugger away and pinned him down until mata come
  • Mata arrived and handcuff the bugger away

Poor bus captain had to be taken to Changi General Hospital for treatment, but thankfully the bus captain never sustain any serious injuries, if not this bugger can clean his butt and prepare to go squat inside Changi Prison liao.

Eh KNN 你奶奶的 leh. What’s with all the abuse ah?

Seriously hor, if you all cannot behave yourself hor, please stay at home. Don’t come out and 撒 and act like barbarian can a not?

The bus captain is just doing his job, he is also doing what he is supposed to do – which is to protect the well-being of ALL the passengers on his bus. You don’t want to wear mask, you want to tio COVID-19 and die is really your own daiji. Don’t make your problem other people’s problem lah.

BUT! If CB kias like this bugger, the Niama guy and the other idiots who cannot follow simple instructions, don’t want to wear mask AND YET WANT TO ABUSE BUS CAPTAINS, then you all really don’t deserve to take the public transport leh. You go and take bus 11 lah, ok?

So many cases of bus captains kena abused, even lao niang read news also blood boil, if you are the bus company, you every day see your staff kena abused while doing their work, you can tahan meh?


So now hor, both the SBS Transit and National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) come out to say they will support the bus captains if they want to take civil action against any of those idiots who abuse them.

This includes helping them to find legal representation and helping them to pay for the costs that they may incur in the process.


Now see how you all die.

Still want to bully and abuse bus captains is it? Think they don’t retaliate means they 好欺负 and you can bully them is it?


If lao niang is Gahmen, lao niang confirm blacklist all these CB kias and ban them from taking public transport, FOR LIFE.

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