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Still want to abuse bus captains some more? Then be prepared to get sued until your pants drop!

Another day, another 社会败类 (scum of society) decided to go and verbally and physically abuse our poor bus captain again. Just last month only, got this guy called Nimal Desilva become sibei famous, appear all over the news for abusing a bus captain not enough, now got another bugger also want to become famous wor. OEI, enough hor! Can stop abusing our transport workers? In case you don’t know what happen, here’s a quick summary of what happened: Bugger boarded bus 21 along Pasir Ris Drive 6 without wearing a mask Bugger only put on the mask later Then bugger suddenly kisiao, started to KPKB and scold vulgarities at the poor bus captain Bugger sibei longwinded, he continued to KPKB all the way for 2 more bus stops Mata (police) tio alerted While waiting for the mata to come, the bugger grabbed the bus captain’s neck and collar Bus captain

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