OEI, enough hor! Can stop abusing our transport workers?

Not just transport workers, in fact, should be ALL frontline workers.

7 early 8 early received a video of this 社会败类 (scum of society) lashing out at staff at the MRT station. Don’t know because of what lah. Maybe sex life not happy or recently very dry.

But netizens say is because he don’t want to wear a mask.


Not just this uncle wor. Previously got this uncle who pui saliva at a bus captain and pointed his middle finger at him.

Over the weekend got this uncle who verbally abused a bus captain:


Then a few days ago, got one guy called Nimal Desilva with anger management issue and he sibei rude to a bus captain.

Confirm guarantee plus chop you got see this video around one lah:


In case you don’t know what happened, this Nimal guy got stopped by the bus captain from boarding the bus because he was not wearing a mask.

He must be sibei special, must be different from everyone bah, so he wore a neck gaiter instead.

Then he not allowed to board the bus right? So he dulan, think he victim, he go and start a Facebook LIVE to record down the exchange of him and the bus captain.

He accuses the bus driver of being racist because the driver speak Chinese and at one point, this Nimal guys also said that “This is the problem when you have China people working in Singapore”.

Wow, now who is the one being racist ah??? Oh wait. He not racist. He level up. He is xenophobic.

Then hor, apparently got one sibei kind passenger offer him mask but this Nimal guy GO REJECT THE MASK WOR!

Lao niang don’t care you Nimal or Niama. Lao niang also don’t care if the neck gaiter is allowed or not. But what lao niang can confirm is all these can be avoided if you just TMD wear a normal mask.

The bus captain is just doing his job right. He needs to drive the bus and he is also responsible for the well-being of the other passengers. You wear that simi neck gaiter look like cloth, also don’t know is your underwear or tablecloth of course see liao also scared and dare not luan-luan let you board the bus right. Because he don’t know you got Covid or not. Maybe you asymptomatic leh? Then you wear one cloth that look like tablecloth and end up spread to everyone on the bus how?

Still want to KPKB and behave like barbarian and scold the bus captain, hurl vulgarities some more.

Still want to act one victim and say people make life difficult for you. Obviously is you purposely don’t want to wear a normal mask and want to create trouble lei.

You heng lao niang not on the bus. If lao niang there, lao niang confirm chokeslam you until you need to wear neck brace.

If only you wear normal mask.

If only you don’t act one special and wear simi neck gaiter.

If only you just accept the mask from your sibei kind fellow passenger.


Sorry lor, even though you kena reported on various news outlet, kena mentioned by Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung and National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) executive secretary Melvin Yong, you are just a pisai who abused the bus captain and a nuisance who caused a scene and bring inconvenience to the rest of the commuters.

The bus captains or any of the front liners, they are not your venting machine hor. They are not for you to vent your frustrations on ok.

If you cannot handle your own emotions, then go for anger management class or what lah – don’t rant it on other people.

And if you don’t like to wear a mask, THEN YOU STAY AT HOME.

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