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3 things to learn from this 40-year-old shuai ge who lost his job due to Covid-19

This Covid-19 pandemic really caused a lot of people to lose their jobs sia.

Including this 40-year-old Andy Yap, who used to be a design director for an events company.

But suay lor, because of Covid-19, all the events tio affected and kena cancelled, he also tio pok from his job when his company conduct retrenchment exercise.

Tio pok no job no money then how? Confirm cannot sit down there and blame this blame that, blame sky blame earth right – because money also won’t drop from the sky lah.

So hor, this former digital design director started looking for jobs in all sort of sectors.

From supermarkets to hospitals, to cleaning companies… He ham ba lang (everything) also go and apply. But sibei sian one, apply so many liao yet none got back to him. And that’s when he realise jipai (this time) really siao liao. The global economy and the job market IS REALLY VERY BAD!

Bo bian, he decided to go and become a Grab delivery rider first.

From a design director to a Grab delivery rider, the pay cut is a sibei big deal ok. Kena cut at least half leh. Lao niang bet with you, confirm got a lot of people cannot accept this one. Because ego mah. But at times like this, lao niang want to ask you, your ego worth how much ah? Can eat a not? Cannot right?

So lao niang think this Andy ge is very admirable and sibei man sia. He is willing to put his head down and become a food delivery rider to just earn some money to dong and tahan a bit first.

Hopefully lah, his story will give those who are also going through tough times some hope, and a reminder to themselves of these 3 things:

  1. Be positive!
  2. Ego cannot eat one
  3. Got job just take on first

Can also go make use of the available resources out there to upskill and reskill yourself. Remember last time lao niang got say before got the SGUnited Skills Programme?

Don’t just keep saying this useless, that useless. Maybe you are the problem?

So ya lor, go and make yourself more useful first. Free one leh, 不用白不用.

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