Eh dear loving critic of Singapore, what is your problem ah?

OMGWTFBBQ!! You all got follow the recent National Day celebration or not? Lao niang think hor, this year de celebration is really sibei special and sibei meaningful leh! Lao niang no ragrets specially 7 early 8 early wake up to watch the morning parade sia.

loving critic

By the way, lao niang’s favourite segment is the Roar of Unity, whereby got 6 F-15SGs fly over hospitals to show tribute to the frontline workers. Then the frontline workers all stand on the hospital’s roof top and wave the flag leh!

Walao, watch liao really is GDLL (touched until cry) sia.

Oh, if you missed the show hor, you can watch here:

And hor and hor, the Mobile Column also sibei gao lat!

On normal days you only see motorcycles, cars, buses and lorries on the road. At most the most tua leng kong vehicles you see is also those heavy trucks liao. Where got see tanks on the road one? Fish tank maybe have lah hor.

Seriously is sibei cool and jin satki. Like got xiao proud of Singapore, you know?

Lao niang also specially go nearby my house there with my neighbour to chope one nice spot, no sun one, just to watch! Macam one suaku but really is never see before mah.

Loving critic comments about Mobile Column National Day 2020

But lao niang not the only one hor. You see the picture above you will know liao.

And if you got scroll Facebook and Instagram, you will also see everyone posting about it. Really macam whole Singapore go and see sia. First time leh! No need to ballot National Day Parade tickets also can see. Lao niang like!

But you know hor, every time when you happy happy jin good mood, but CONFIRM got this ONE idiot with suay mouth will want to wet blanket one?

Is like you work hard to diet and finally lose 2 kg, then got relative/friend ask you, “you recently put on weight is it?” Really is want to smack that person’s face sia.

So our dear “loving critic of Singapore” here is exactly like that.

Alfian Sa'at the loving critic of Singapore

Alfian Sa'at the loving critic of Singapore

Oei, you andropause sibo? Why so unbalanced one? Not the first time he like this liao sia.

Ok lah, lao niang know you “would love to become a Malaysian” lah and you don’t like Singapore. But you cannot, just for this ONE DAY don’t so suay mouth, just let us celebrate National Day happily like how you celebrate Malaysia’s independence day meh? Why must be so negative one ah?

Before anyone of you want to scold lao niang hor and say, “but he is just a loving critic of Singapore what!”, please open your eyes and see all these receipts and some of the posts he posted before.

Past comments of Alfian Sa'at the loving critic of Singapore

Aiya, still got a lot more lah, you can ownself go and Google and read yourself. His poem and ang moh too cheem for lao niang to understand liao, lao niang don’t know how to appreciate.

Actually hor, lao niang don’t really care he pro-Singapore or not lah. Lao niang also don’t care if he 吃里爬外 (benefit from Singapore’s system then inside his heart he adore another country and want to migrate there) because everyone can have their own preference tio bo?

He ownself say he want to become Malaysian never mind. He praise Malaysia also never mind. Because he already shout loud loud on his Facebook his love for Malaysia many times liao.

But when he go badmouth Lee Kuan Yew hor lao niang really blood xiao boil and xiao buay song with him sia. Then now, National Day also must come jijiwaiwai. OEI, cannot just give us a break is it?!

Kaoz. If like that still got people want to defend him and say he is “loving critic” of Singapore hor, lao niang want to ask, erm, where is the love ah? Lao niang see so long but see no love leh???

Really 看不懂 and don’t understand leh. Since you like Malaysia so much and want to become Malaysian, why you don’t go there ah? Why still stay here? 跑吧孩子. Let it go~ Let it go~

Oh ya, I got one poem for you sia:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Your mouth jin suay

And so are you.

– Lao niang Sa’atki

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