Retrenchment season, what to do if I also suay-suay tio retrenched?

Sibei jia lat leh. Every other day you scroll Facebook or turn on TV, you will see news about companies retrenching their employees. Lao niang see liao also sky also grey grey, xiao stress because don’t know will be lao niang’s turn or not? But siao bo, if lao niang really tio retrenched how?!


Wait ah wait, mai kan jiong (don’t panic) first.

In case you really suay suay *touch wood* kena arrow by your company and asked to pack your bag and say sayonara to your job hor, don’t just let your company think you stupid stupid and they can do whatever they want with you. You also don’t blur blur just follow hor.

Here are some of the things you need to know and where to go to if you need help.

Companies and towkays CANNOT suka-suka retrench workers

By right hor, if a company really got 良心 (heart) they won’t just anyhowly suka-suka just retrench workers and ask them to leave one *side eyeing Eagle Services Asia*

Got proper retrenchment process that they must follow through one ah. And hor, they also need to give their workers a reasonable retrenchment package too.

But surely got smelly companies and towkays want to play cheat one lah. So hor, this National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) purposely go and propose this framework call Fair Retrenchment Framework to make sure companies and towkays cannot chut pattern.

This framework is asking companies and towkays that if they really only die-die bo bian need to retrench employees, then they must make sure they protect Singaporeans first. In other words, if want to chop manpower, also must chop away those foreigners first lah.

And hor, your boss cannot suka-suka ask you to pack bag and go one ah. They are supposed to link you up with your company’s union (if have), NTUC’s Job Security Council and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to help you find jobs. And if need be, they will also help you arrange for training so that you can find jobs easily.

If they never hor, you can go and find NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng and baotoh your towkay like how ESA management tio baotoh.

Tio retrenched, jobless and unemployed, where to look for help ah?

Unless you not WOKE enough, if not you confirm got heard of this thing called the National Jobs Council which is formed by the Gahmen to help create more jobs and training opportunities for Singaporeans who suay suay lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you need to look for a job, can go there.

Then lao niang also tia gong can go to Workforce Singapore (WSG). There got this service called the Careers Connect, which is like a “matchmake” service lah. But this one is help you find job, not find wife.

If still not enough, arbo go to NTUC’s e2i lah. They also got career coach to help you and matchmake you to jobs also. Some more they help you zhng your CV until sui sui and help you prepare for interviews. Free one, just go.

If really cannot find one single job, then lao niang suggest maybe you want to go upskill first? Because sekali is you don’t have enough skills mah. No skill how to employ you right? So hor, maybe you want to go to this SGUnited Skills Programme for training first.

Tia gong the courses there is designed based on what the industries need, then they train people accordingly one. The course fee not expensive and can use SkillsFuture Credit to offset. And lao niang heard they also got give training allowance of $1,200 per month leh. Like buay pai one.

Aiya, say real one, if you tio pok and kena retrenched liao, you blame sky blame earth blame Gahmen also no use – because already happened liao. The next most important thing is to go make yourself more useful than other people so that you can faster find the next job. Don’t forget now you competing with ji pool of jobless and probably hungry people for jobs leh. So must make yourself more satki and attractive mah!

And hor now got job offer very good liao, don’t care what job lah, just take on first. Also not asking you to choose your wife. Just work and earn some money first lor. Better than you stay at home mope around and waste electricity.

Jia you bah, don’t lose hope. Got try, got hope.

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