Netizen U-turn on his post about the 82-Year-Old Ah Ma who earns $5/hr

Netizen U-turn on his post about the 82-Year-Old Ah Ma who earns $5/hr

If you didn’t see this one SIBEI viral post about this old Ah Ma on Facebook by this netizen called Meng Shuen Koh, then you confirm not WOKE enough liao.

In a Facebook post, this boy boy sibei cool, macam social justice warrior, he go post on his Facebook this super qi cham (sob) story about his encounter with this 82-year-old Ah Ma who is working as a cleaner and is earning $5 per hour.

To cut long story short, here are things the Original Poster (OP) said:

  • OP met Ah Ma who was going to Sentosa to find a $10 per hour job on MRT
  • Ah Ma currently works at Tampines Hub and her current pay is $5 per hour
  • Ah Ma one day only works 4 hours, so one day she only earns $20
  • Ah Ma is a Malaysian and she married over from Malaysia
  • Ah Ma’s husband died and her son also died while serving the National Service
  • Ah Ma is currently living with her friends and they take care of each other
  • Ah Ma had 4 major surgeries, each one costing her $40k
  • OP then offer Ah Ma $2 because he sibei kind-hearted, want to pay for her transport fee into and out of Sentosa Island – but Ah Ma refused
  • OP then proceed to KPKB about the Gahmen and say he don’t want to celebrate National Day

OP confirm sibei happy that night until he will laugh in his sleep also because his post very quickly went JIBABOOOMZ and went viral. The story he posted so qi cham until Singaporeans all read his post liao also sibei hot, sibei triggered and they also sibei angry with Gahmen.

But got a few things bothering lao niang after reading the post.

  1. Why OP only offer the Ah Ma $2 ah? So niao meh? Give also give at least $10 mah since OP already said Ah Ma very poor thing, one day only earn $20.
  2. Since OP so kind and he decided to jitao offer to send her to Vivocity liao, why OP never take her contact number so that later can link her up to helpline available? Now got so many financial assistance schemes out there leh. But instead of doing that, this OP go post on Social Media… Is it you want to become 红 (popular), you want clout because you xiao woke? Then you 做到了 (did it)! Your mom confirm xiao proud of you.
  3. Op also go take photo of Ah Ma and post. He even go and reveal where she work at. But also don’t know if he got ask her for permission, can share all these on Social Media ma?
  4. Why the post suddenly become a hate post for the Gahmen? OP got go find out why the Ah Ma so qi cham? Is it because she don’t know where to find help? Is it because she Malaysian, so unlike Singaporeans, not as easy to get help from Gahmen?

Can like that everything also scold Gahmen one meh? Like that is it lao niang got pimple or lai ang (period come), lao niang can also dedicate a post to say is Gahmen’s fault?

Gekko (in the end) hor after the OP’s post become viral, and even those alternative sites also go report about this qi cham story, this social justice warrior U-TURN on his post leh!

In the above post, he basically want to say paiseh ah, his first post not accurate.

Because, the Ah Ma is not staying with friends, SHE ACTUALLY STAYS WITH HER SON AND DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.

He also said after the post, got a lot of Singaporeans go and find the Ah Ma because they want to help her. This overwhelming response from Singaporeans actually make her chua-tio (shock) a bit and he is now asking people to leave her some space and refrain from going to find her.

Alamak sia. Can like that one meh? You write one sibei qi cham story, scold the Gahmen jia lat jia lat until they 一文不值 (not worth a penny) then you come out and say, “PAISEH AH, THE STORY NOT ACCURATE ONE”.

Eh friend, you know your inaccurate story already viral until cannot viral liao a not? Now then you come and say not accurate, got what use ah? You don’t know this kind of Gahmen-bashing stories usually will attract more attention than your clarification one meh?

Tsk tsk. Like that really buay swee and sibei zek ark sia. You no like the Gahmen also shouldn’t make use of Ah Ma’s story to prata it to your own narrative mah.

So hor, the moral of the story is ah, don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


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