#LaoniangWalktheGround: Eh Jamus Lim, why you insult Singaporeans like that?

Say real one, lao niang is quite like Jamus Lim one. Because he look like JJ Lin. And lao niang’s ex-boyfriend also look like JJ Lin.

Lao niang also got say before lao niang is #WalkwithWP one.

Lao niang don’t care if Jamus jiak gan tang can understand Singlish or not, because we still can use ~bOdY LaNgUaGe~

BUT TODAY! Lao niang watch the political broadcast, lao niang xiao triggered sia.

In Jamus’s speech, he said that to Singaporeans, jobs are not enough because Singaporeans only want good jobs and jobs that we want.

He also said that the jobs available now are not enough for Singaporeans – because these jobs need skills that Singaporeans don’t have.

OEI JAMUS! You know how spoilt you just made Singaporeans sound or not? ON NATIONAL TV SOME MORE!

Yah, your proposal sounds sibei attractive. Lao niang hear liao also xiao excited.

Because who don’t like good jobs that pay very well and who don’t like jobs that we want to do?

But possible meh?

Like that is it lao niang say I only want to become CEO because pay well, and most importantly is a job that lao niang WANTS, then lao niang can really become CEO even though lao niang got no skills and no education?

Possible a not?

Like that is it someone come to you and say, “Eh Jamus, Lim peh don’t want to work in my current job liao. Lim peh WANT to be accountant, but lim peh not educated, don’t know how to use computer, lim peh want flexible work hours, lim peh also don’t want go training, help me find job,”

“No need too much, pay lim peh $5,000 per month can liao. Best is if got transport allowance also.”

Like that is you can make that happen?


Please leh, you ask people don’t give blank cheques but now you ownself down there anyhow promise people? If people anyhow believe you how? Uncle Low confirm won’t anyhowly promise sky and stars like you sia.

You encouraging Singaporeans to become lazy and continue to 做大头梦 (dream) is it? You think Singaporeans are idiots and lazybums ah?

Really very easy for you to say hor? This is the problem when got you this kind of privilege kia, who study overseas just come back, never do any groundwork before but come and talk talk talk.

Now is Covid-19 crisis, people bobian find temporary, maybe don’t pay as high but at least got income to tahan first right? Gahmen also got encourage them to go upgrade and upskill so when economy become better, they can 以真本事 use their skills and find a job.

Then you down there use your mouth say simi better jobs better jobs. You got even go and think of HOW to do or not?

And from your proposal, you sound like you want to CHANGE the entire system leh, but I thought WP say to be semo backbencher and don’t want be Gahmen? Backbencher can like this suka-suka say want to change everything meh?

Lao niang don’t care you beach bench or canteen bench, but you be realistic a bit can? Don’t be so irresponsible with your big mouth leh.

Eh Singaporeans, you listen to lao niang: You got backbone and got dignity one. Lao niang confirm you are better than being parasites and degens ok.

Please ah Famous Jamus, don’t insult Singaporeans like that. Not cute.

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