#LaoniangWalktheGround: Last Day of GE2020 Campaigning!

Finally! It’s the last day of GE2020 campaigning!

Lao niang WOKE up this morning knowing that today confirm will have more shit stirrers trying to stir shit one.

Neh neh neh! You see, really have! Lao niang是不是很WOKE?(very WOKE right?)

Shit number 1: “Picture has a thousand words”

Yah sia, this picture got a thousand words of what Ah Hong never say.

In case you didn’t know hor, this Shit-Stirrer post this picture, trying to show that the PAP candidates ignored the ah ma in the wheelchair, while the WP engaged her for their GE2020 campaigning.

If you also stupid stupid like the 8,000 people who shared this picture, or the 4,500 people who liked and loved the picture, you will also stupid stupid really think that was what happened.

But actually, this was what REALLY happened:


Just that this shit stirrer only take one photo.


By the way, it’s “A picture speaks a thousand words” lah, use also use wrongly.

Shit number 2: Chan Chun Sing’s truncated audio clips kena doctored

This one is really低级人类 (low class people) then will do one siah.

Apparently, some jiak pa bo sai pang (eat full cannot shit) degens go and edit Chan Chun Sing’s audio clip to make it sound like he said the Gahmen is using crisis for elections.

Then in another audio clip, which also kena edited, contained Chan Chun Sing talking about Singapore and Malaysia’s relationship and the dispute over the Pasir Gudang airspace.

And in the last audio clip that tio doctored, Chan Chun Sing kena sabo until it sounded like he said if Malaysia is politically unstable, then it’s good for election.

By the way he already came out to clarify and say it’s not true liao lah:


Really very 低级 (low) leh.

It’s like you photoshop SNSD / TWICE / Black Pink’s photo onto a naked body and ownself feel shiok about it.

Really 看不懂, don’t understand. Can see you xiao talented lah, since can go edit audio clips. Why not put this talent into something more useful leh?

回头是岸, not too late to turn back.

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