#LaoniangWalktheGround: Who teach SDP Paul Tambyah all the bad things?

Today lao niang then know that this Paul Tambyah from Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is sibei talented sia!

Not only he is the president of the US-based International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID), he also know how to 变脸 (change face) macam those China performers!

In early early February this year, Ah Paul told Singaporeans NO NEED WEAR A MASK IF YOU ARE HEALTHY.

This one not I say one ah, even those anti-establishment pages like The Online Citizens lah, Independent Singapore also got publish what he said hor. You can ownself go and find.

Then suddenly, this Ah Paul FLIP FACE WOR! Now he go and blame the multi-ministry Covid-19 task force say they never listen to medical experts.

Erm medical experts = Ah Paul, you ah?

Is it the medical advice they hear is from WHO, MOH, medical experts but not from you, so you FOMO and xiao unbalance? 生气气 (angry) ?

Like that buay gam leh, you medical expert wor.

Or is it got people teach you one? Who teach you? Is it Chee Soon Juan?

So naughty!!!

In case you didn’t know, Ah Paul tio POFMA because he accused MOM of asking the employers not to bring their foreign workers to go for COVID-19 testing. If they bring, their work pass privileges will kena chong gong (confiscated). Ah Paul also accused MOM that they discourage the testing of the foreign workers.

But not true lah. Because MOM never ask employers not to send their workers for testing. They only say don’t send workers to hospital unless is sibei urgent 人命关天, on brink of death that kind. If not can send them to normal GP clinic first – got difference one ah.

MOM also never say if employers bring foreign workers go test for COVID-19 their work pass will kena chong gong (confiscated). What MOM say is if you anyhowly send the foreign workers to hospital and in the end is false alarm then you will kena work pass chong gong.

See lah, tell lies. Now kena POFMA.

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