#LaoniangWalktheGround: 3 things to consider before you vote for Jamus Lim

Dear Seng Kang residents (macam lao niang is MP 😂😂😂),

Very fast hor, next week is the polling day liao. Aiyo, really is heart will pik pok pik pok, because don’t know who to vote? Want to vote for new face because got 新鲜感 (freshness) or a team that got experience leh?

But before you cast your 神圣的一票 (precious vote), maybe got a few things you need to think about, just as this netizen said in one of his Instagram Stories.

1. Not everything is about Jamus Lim

Yes lah, Jamus is famous. He is amazing, his England also sibei powderful until lao niang also sibei impressed.

But hor, you remember you are voting for politicians hor? Not voting for Jamus to be your C位 (center) for a boyband’s debut leh.

Don’t just because he filly felleh, speak ping pong piang England ask you don’t anyhow give people blank cheque then you so mesmerized by him until you also go show hand him your next five years. #lovescam also like that one.

Remember, voting for Jamus also means you are voting for the Workers’ Party.

2. Find out more about Jamus and friends

Jamus 好, Jamus妙, Jamus 呱呱叫!

But erm, you all remember is not just Jamus running in Sengkang GRC? He still other WP candidates who are running together with him lei.

Although to you all now maybe is like “Jamus and Friends”, he is the flower and the rest of the WP candidates are the grass, but lao niang urge you all to also go and read up about the rest who are also running with him lah, give chance can a not?

3. Compare the two teams like you compare deals 

And hor, you all also need to go and think if the WP win, they got the experience, they know how to manage and run your town council or not?

Don’t be lazy, go and compare them with the PAP’s team like how you compare airfares on Skyscanner when you go holiday. See who got more experience, can better manage and run the town council first before you decide.

And from what lao niang read and understand so far hor, Jamus spent close to 20 years outside Singapore and just come back not long ago only. You very sure he can connect very well with Singaporeans?

Don’t like tio gong tao like that become blindly in love with someone then so fast want to marry that person without checking their background. Sekali later also end up divorce. By the way, this one is 5 years oh.

#WalkwithWP is one, but just don’t end up #WalkwithWP一起走下坡

And to the rest of my fellow Singaporeans who are not staying in Sengkang, you all don’t see Jamus like so famous now then you all also want to anyhowly go and vote WP.

Because even if WP win Sengkang GRC hor, sorry leh, you all 看的到莫不到 (can see cannot touch).

Unless you all move to Sengkang lah – that is if Jamus and friends win Sengkang GRC.

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