#LaoniangWalktheGround: HOLYCOW! WP’s Raeesah Khan tio police investigate!

#LaoniangWalktheGround: HOLYCOW! WP’s Raeesah Khan tio police investigate!

This general election got more drama a not? Tia gong the Workers’ Party candidate Raeesah Khan kena police investigate!

Apparently got two police report filed against her for the remarks she made about race and religion.

Here are the things this Raeesah zha bor said:

  • Singapore law allow authorities to discriminate against citizens (read: minorities)
  • As compared to other groups, the rich Chinese people and white people are treated differently under the law.
  • Singapore never give chance to minorities. Singapore jail the minorities mercilessly, harassed mosque leaders but let corrupt church leaders who stole S$50 million walk free – by the way hor, she referring to the City Harvest Church saga.
  • She also asked is it got people received bribe that’s why the church leaders never kena charged

Erm got meh?

As far as lao niang know, the City Harvest Church leaders got kena jailed leh??

In case you don’t know hor, all these is got picture got talk one:



Lao niang is don’t know what is this zha bor trying to do lah. Trying to stir shit and divide Singaporeans and destroy Singapore is it? Don’t play with fire like that leh. Very dangerous you know???

If you got time, lao niang suggest you go read this reddit thread and read all the things about this zha bor.

Got people go and dig out all the receipts of her, say she leftist lah, marxist lah, feminist. Aiyo lao niang also 有看没有懂 (don’t understand).

Lao niang don’t know what is her agenda for joining politics lah, but lao niang think she not so simple one.

If her agenda is to divide Singapore and Singaporeans and create chaos, lao niang will rather choose Ivan Lim over this zha bor any day ok.

Lao niang also know that lao niang is ready to fight you any time in my Triumph push-up bra!

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