#LaoniangWalktheGround: Semo 10 million population? What is it all about?

#LaoniangWalktheGround: Semo 10 million population? What is it all about?

Unless you totally bo hiu general election, if not you bo ko leng never hear that Chee Soon Juan and Vivian Balakrishnan got xiao heated in their GE2020 debate over this “10 million population”.

So what is this 10 million population all about ah?

Lai lai lai, let lao niang explain to you.

Basically, in the debate, this happened:

Chee: Hey! Tia gong DPM Heng Swee Keat said in an interview that his heart xiao itchy, want to bring up our population up to 10 million leh. Is it PAP trying to achieve the 10 million by bringing in more foreigners ah?

Vivian.B: Excuse me, can you don’t anyhow anyhow say ah. Heng Swee Keat didn’t say that hao ma? Even today PMO also got issue one statement to clarify this liao.

Chee: But Heng Swee Keat got say leh. I tell you what he say want mah?

Vivian.B: NO. The Gahmen don’t have a target for the population.

SO! If Heng Swee Keat never mention the 10 million population, then where did this 10 million population come from right? No smoke without fire, tio bo?

Actually this 10 million population is not Heng Swee Keat’s idea. It actually came from this uncle called Liu Thai Ker, who is an architect and last time he is also the master planner of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.

He is the planner mah, so his advice is to be kiasu a bit, give more allowance JUST IN CASE Singapore run out of space next time.

JUST IN CASE, you know?

Is like when you hei sio hei sio, you will also use condom or contraceptive, because JUST IN CASE.

Is like you go holiday, you will also bring more money, because JUST IN CASE you go crazy shopping then burst the budget.

Is like when you order catering for your party, you also will order extra portion JUST IN CASE suddenly got people 不请自来 (you never invite but appear at your party) then food not enough, because you scared you lao kui (lose face).

Aiya, you get my drift lah hor.

So is really JUST IN CASE lah. Also not like you don’t know our Gahmen forever sibei kiasu one. Everything also need to plan ahead and plan in advance one.

And I’m sure you all also don’t like to kuay sio with too many people right? Tio lor, no harm to plan ahead and make sure Singapore got enough land and space mah.

So hor, this Heng Swee Keat is really quote from what the God of Urban Planning advised, then kena anyhowly put words into his mouth by this Chee Soon Juan.

By the way, that is not the end hor!

This Chee Soon Juan ah I really wonder at night he use what mask one.

Is it SK II Pitera 酿酒婆婆的手? Or is it Hada Labo 锁住一片海洋?

Why his skin the face so thick one ah?

After the Gahmen say they never plan to have 10 million population hor, he go and strike off his simi 4 Yeses and 1 No GE campaign slogan and then say, “ACCOMPLISHED!” Macam is because of him.

Erm, can like that self-praise one meh???

But must really give it to him sia. This uncle hor, not only his spread fake news 功力深厚, his self-praise 功力also level 99.

Ah by the way, Gov.sg just released another statement to say the Gahmen has not proposed, planned nor targeted for Singapore to increase its population to 10 million liao.

Go and read yourself.

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