#LaoniangWalktheGround: WE WANT MINIMUM WAGE!

#LaoniangWalktheGround: WE WANT MINIMUM WAGE!

Aiya, who doesn’t like minimum wage, tio bo?

It’s the easiest and fastest way to make everybody happy – especially those who cannot tahan the rising cost of living because you bao jiak confirm will guarantee that basic pay.

Lao niang also support ok. But hor wah, why nobody tell lao niang got hidden negative effect one ah!!! Trying to cheat lao niang’s feelings sibo?

Those people keep saying, “Minimum wage good, Minimum wage best, Minimum wage 呱呱叫!” got tell you the side effect or not? They know about it mah? Lao niang read liao lao niang shock!

1. More people will become jobless

Minimum wage means Gahmen set the law that tow kays must die-die pay you that amount of salary.

But instead of helping people, the side effect of minimum wage is the tow kays will prefer to save money and then end up they don’t want to hire human beings, they go and buy machines to replace humans. Machines won’t take leave, won’t geng MC, no need to help them buy insurance some more.

2. Minimum wage is not fair!

And hor, since tow kays need to pay a minimum amount of salary to their staff liao, they will obviously expect their staff to have a certain set of skills or must have a certain level of qualification.

Simply because, “Limpeh is paying you more than before liao, so you better be good enough!” That means hor, those no experience lah, lower qualification Singaporeans can go and suck thumb.

You see all the ang moh countries loh, they also got minimum wage, but still so many people are jobless leh jiu know liao lah. If really can so easily solve poverty issue, why so many people there still jobless ah?

3. Things will become more expensive

When tow kays are forced by the Gahmen and the law to pay their staff a minimum amount of salary, you think they will diam diam ownself bear that cost meh?

Of course won’t lah! They are tow kays leh. They set up business to earn money, not do charity oh. They will pass the cost to consumers like us.

Means things will become more expensive for us!

P:S – All these are what the people in countries with minimum wages say one ah, not lao niang hor.

If it’s like that you still think minimum wage is a good idea? Lao niang must think twice now!

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