#LaoniangWalktheGround: GE2020 Debate round 1

You all got watch the GE2020 debate on TV yesterday mah?

GE2020 Debate

The newscaster 董素华 jie jie hor, lao niang watch her report news grow up one leh, and she looks exactly the same sia! How to be like that ah? Is it SK II? Is it Hada Labo? Or what 仙丹 (magical potion) she eat ah?

Can tell lao niang please? Lao niang also want my skin to be doi doi! 锁住一片海洋!

By the way, can anybody enlighten lao niang why WP never send any Chinese representative ah? 人 leh?

Cannot be they don’t have a candidate that can speak decent Chinese mah? Last time Uncle Low’s Chinese is sibei tok gong one wor. Can sweep people off their feet that kind.

Or they think all the watch Channel 8 old boomer uncles and aunties won’t use social media like the millennials now so won’t be as hyped, so they don’t think is worth sending Chinese candidate?

Wah, lao niang really miss Uncle Low liao sia. Last time watch his debate is so exciting one.

Now is it the WP like heading to another direction liao ah? If WP also go towards the elite, smart smart, jiak gan tang England so powderful one, where got difference with PAP ah?

Lao niang #WalkwithWP is because they 讲华语 (speak Chinese) got the local connect to the ground substance lei.

But hor, must say the English debate that guy Jamus Lim sibei impressive lah! The ang moh so powderful – FILLY FELLEH ONE! Lao niang listen halfway catch no ball liao, must go and flip dictionary.

Indeed, 不愧是 got drink Ang Moh water one. He last study in Harvard University one wor! Don’t play play! But don’t know lao niang speak Singlish he can understand or not? Can 心连心 (connect heart) with lao niang mah? Because he spent most of his time outside of Singapore, only once a while come back to Singapore KLKK (walk here walk there) – This one he ownself say one ah.

Oh yah! Then I also got see people say he look like JJ Lin and Amos Yee.

Walao! 一个天一个地 (one heaven one earth) ! Don’t insult Jamus and JJ Lin lah oei.

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