Workers’ Party Minister will not accept mediocre salary!

In response to a question tabled by MP Alex Yam, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean reminded the parliament of the 2012 White Paper on government salaries, which recommended a norm level of S$1.1 million as the total annual salary for an entry-level (MR4) minister – based on a 40 per cent discount to the market reference, to reflect the ethos of public service.

“All the bonus components form part of, and are not in addition to, the S$1.1 million salary norm,” he stressed.

Mr Teo also emphasise that each office-holder receives only one salary regardless of whether he holds one or multiple portfolios.

Mr Teo pointed out that the opposition Workers’ Party (WP) had, in 2012, endorsed the White Paper’s principles of salary determination – and added that the formula proposed by WP then would have resulted in the same total annual salary for entry-level ministers.

WP Secretary General Pritam Singh, reaffirmed his party’s position was the same as in 2012.

This means, The WP and government proposed salary are “very close” to each other in principle and quantum. If there were a WP government in power today, by the WP formula, a WP Minister will not accept a mediocre salary. They would be paid essentially the same as what a minister today is paid.

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