Malaysia telco manager kena suspended after video of her shouting at subordinates went viral

On 29 September, an almost two-minute long video of a manager screaming at two subordinates was uploaded on Malaysia News Station.

Maxis manager shouting at subordinates

In the video that went viral, the woman (in green) believed to be a manager in Malaysia telco Maxis, can be seen screaming and raging at two subordinates, including one who was pregnant.

In case you are unable to watch the video, here’s the transcript:

Manager: And I say, WHEEEEEEN?!
Employee 1: …
Manager: You sit down here and you send the SMS NOW!
*Employee 1 takes out her phone and starts texting*
Manager: *pointing at Employee 1* You look at me ah, you want to get fired?
Employee 1: No boss.
Manager: *still pointing at Employee 1* Why can’t you do when I asked you to do?
Employee 1: …
Manager: *turns to Employee 2* YOU! Look at me, what are you good at?
Employee 2: …
Manager: Your quota is last!!! Even behind Lizak (probably another co-worker)!
*Manager walks away*
Manager: My leaders (?)
*Manager crosses her arms*
Manager: *points at Employee 2* You also send.
*Employee 2 takes out her phone and starts texting*

The video which has garnered more than 160,000 views and over 2,000 shares on Facebook, has sparked off mixed reactions from the netizens.

While there are netizens who condemned the manager’s behavior as being “unprofessional” and that the employees involved should “lodge a complaint to the union or human-resources department”, there are also others who pointed out that one should “never ever judge that manager because of the video”, since “we didn’t know what is really happening there”.

In response to this incident, the Malaysia telco has tweeted a statement via its official Twitter account:

“Recently, a video was brought to our attention pertaining to a workplace incident. We regret this incident which is currently under investigation. Meanwhile the employee in question has been suspended indefinitely.

“This incident is not reflective of the values that we uphold, which is creating a passionate, positive and collaborative workspace for all our employees. We have reached out to the affected employees and expressed our regret over the incident.”

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