No Exam = More Tuition?


MOE says next year boh exam, boh assessment for P1 and 2 students leah. Then P3 and 5, Sec 1 and 3 students also not bad, no mid-year exams! But, MOE also say, “students will be exposed to new subjects and higher content rigour.” Siao liao lor, the kiasu parent confirm agitated. Why leah? NEW subject wor, don’t know have to pay how much for tuition for the new subject.

Then, what does MOE mean by higher content rigour? Does it mean that students must now know how to prove Length x Breadth is Area? Students now need to explore and deepen understanding of concepts learnt, with the time that’s freed up from having to sit for exams. That’s wonderful. Hopefully, they get to enjoy the joy of learning. However, it all depends on parents. With the reduction of exams, will parents get MOE’s message and chill about their kids’ results, or will they pump them with more tuition, so that they will not “lose” out? The verdict is yet to be out.

Some other things that MOE has axed. Indicators like class and level position of a child, Edusave Merit Bursary and Edusave Good Progress Award for P2 and 3 students will have a new selection criteria. That’s natural, since there won’t be an exam result to base the selection on.

MOE can take away everything, even PSLE. If daddy and mommy cannot get past the idea that academic results aren’t everything in life, it is just an exercise in futility. They will just find ways to stress pump little Johnny with more enrichment, because need higher content rigour mah.

Singapore’s education system is quite deeply entrenched. The kids in our boom years are now parents. They have been fed with the idea that nothing matters more than grades. I really applaud MOE for being bold and forward looking. However, getting parents to change their mindset, will take time. Already, many parents are suspicious of MOE’s intention. Some bordering on cynicism. While others kaopeh that PSLE is still here to stay. Sigh… How lah, you tell me how?

Sure Boh?

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