The best gift from the “Worst parents in the world”.

The best gift from the “Worst parents in the world”.

Every parent wants the best for their children, but what is the “best gift” that parents can offer to their children?

The latest video by NTUC Income aimed at challenging the notion of what “best” meant, and get viewers to reflect if being financially secure in retirement could, in fact, be the “best gift” that parents can offer to their children.

The video is set in a wedding banquet. During the groom’s thank you speech, Adam, the lead in the video criticize his parent, calling them “the worst parents in the world” for not giving him what many of his friends received in their childhood; piano lessons, trips to distant countries and proper tuition classes.

Halfway through his speech, the groom reveals that he is grateful for how his parents raised him, saying: “Had you given me everything I wanted back then, I wouldn’t have everything I can have now.”

The video was posted on NTUC Income’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on 30 Aug, It has since garnered 6 million views and shared by 80,000 people.

Many netizens were touched by the video, with some saying the video brought them to tears as it remind them of the sacrifices their parents made for them.

The inspiration for the video came from a recent Nielsen research commissioned by NTUC Income. “The research confirmed our hunch that parents were motivated to prioritise their children’s future over theirs and would continue to do so.”

“Children also foresaw downgrading their lifestyles, making career-related sacrifices and even delaying their marriage to help financially support their retired parents, as many expressed low confidence that their parents were retirement ready.” Said Mr Marcus Chew, chief marketing officer at NTUC Income.

“In playing differently…we intend to engage our target audience and spark off conversations and encourage Singaporeans to think more deeply about their retirement plans.” He added.

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