More than 100 employees of SG HSR to be redeployed.

More than 100 employees of SG HSR to be redeployed.

More than 100 employee of SG HSR to be redeployed, following the two years deferment of  Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) HSR.

SG HSR is a company which was set up last year by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to “build, own, fund and maintain the HSR civil infrastructure in Singapore”. Affected employees will be redeployed temporarily within LTA. SG HSR is expected to be scaled down until the HSR project resumes.

The land which has been acquired for the project will continue to be used for the same purpose, should the project resume in 2020, said The Singapore Land Authority.

It added: “We do not foresee major impact on the overall development plans for the Jurong Lake District.”

Minister Lawrence Wong had said in Parliament on July 9 that plans to develop the Jurong Lake District are still relevant. The plans include developing commercial precinct, 20,000 new homes and a major transport hub connecting existing and future MRT lines.

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