Saying HDB flat buyers do not own their flats is factually and legally wrong.

Saying HDB flat buyers do not own their flats is factually and legally wrong.

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said, the claims that HDB flat buyers do not own their flats and are renting them is “factually and legally wrong”.

Minister Wong was speaking at HDB’s Peak Forum for building professionals on 4 September, Tuesday. He added that buyers of all leasehold properties, private or HDB enjoy ownership rights over the properties during the lease period. They have the rights to sell their properties at a profit or rent it if they choose to.

Minister Wong highlighted that private residential land sold after the introduction of the Government land sales programmes in 1967 were all on lease of not more than 99 years.

“We have limited space and we need to recycle land to create housing for future generations,” Mr Wong said.

He said that the Government welcomes views to improve public housing policies as he understand that this is one topic that Singaporean care deeply, however he cautious that debate on public housing issues “must be based on facts and not misinformation and half-truths”.

The Government requires close partnership with Singaporean to strengthen our institution of public housing and home ownership, he added

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