Hady Mirza back in the spotlight—for drugs this time

Hady Mirza back in the spotlight—for drugs this time

Hady Mirza, the Singapore idol heart-throb after Taufik Batsiah, the once sweet and fresh face, has recently been arrested on drug charges.

His stardom did not last after winning Singapore Idol in 2006—the ex-singer became an entrepreneur, then a grab driver, and now, a drug addict.

Relatives revealed that he met his unfortunate arrest at a land immigration checkpoint where his drug habits were busted, and was sent to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) in the Changi Prison Complex.

When contacted by local newspapers, Hady’s mother refused to provide more details, only that he would be fine despite his arrest.

Hady’s life after his debut had seemed promising. He made several appearances in the media over the few years after his win and even snagged the title of the first Asian Idol in 2007. He released two albums in 2006 and 2009, and the first had topped local charts, achieving platinum status.

FRHM Youth, an organization that advocates Muslim education and culture among local youth, was founded by him in 2013.

But it all went downhill from there. When he got married to a Malaysian wife in 2014, he left the organization he built to focus on his business and new family.

He started a chilli tempeh snack business known as Tempting Trading in 2016, but sources have revealed that the company licence has not been renewed since May 2018.

It seemed Hady found his next career in the Grab industry, when a screenshot featuring the ex-idol as the driver took the internet by storm—generating some mocking responses, but mostly positive ones.

Despite the path that he has taken, a close friend in the entertainment industry has maintained that the community believed he was remorseful and would continue to support him.

Those sent to DRC can be held back for up to three years and will not face a criminal record.

Hopefully the next time we hear about Hady, he wouldn’t still be in the wrong side of the spotlight.

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