Transformers director Michael Bay lashes out at Thai airways’ for their malfunction engine

Transformers director Michael Bay took it to his Instagram account where he vowed to never take Thai Airways in his life, ever again.

The American director and film producer who is famous for directing huge blockbuster movies uploaded a 19-second video to his Instagram account as he lashes out at the airline for his horrifying experience.

It turns out that the Thai Airways plane in which he was on board was flying over the ocean, and one of its engine gave way and fell off the plane.

Michael Bay’s Instagram account is private, but you can watch the clip here:


But in case you are unable to watch the video, below is a transcript of what he said:

“Well, this is definitely the last time I’m ever flying Thai air, ever again in my life. Because we’re flying over the ocean and the f*cking engine, the f*cking engine fell off! Look at this thing. Look at it. Piece of shit airline.”

Clearly the director is not impressed but well, this could be an idea for a new film – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Engine, perhaps?


Thai Airways released a statement to clarify that the statement in which Michael Bay said that he flew on a Thai flight across the ocean and the engine fell off is untrue.

In the statement, Thai Airway also said that the aircraft that appeared in the video was junk or out of service aircraft that has been decommissioned and is no longer the property of Thai Airways International.

You may read the full statement from Thai Airways below:

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