Clinic negligently ticks HIV positive box on health report

Clinic negligently ticks HIV positive box on health report

When making an application for permanent residency, a woman went for a medical checkup and was shocked to see her report coming back as HIV positive. To make matters more distressing, she was pregnant with her second child.

She and her husband were confused, she had an earlier HIV test screening and that came back negative.

Her husband was reported to have told the media that he was considering divorcing his wife if his wife was indeed HIV positive.

“She is pregnant with a second child there are a lot of risks involved,” he said. “If we were to be of weak heart and mind, divorce could have taken place or even suicide could have happened with the unborn baby inside. If I were to be a father or a mother who knows the baby will be born HIV positive, the second thing that could have happened was an abortion.”

We asked our in-house lawyer what action the couple could take.

“This appears to be negligence and to have a successful claim, the couple would needed to have proved actual damage”.

“Unfortunately, they have gone to the press with these ‘could have happened’ statements. It points to the fact that no actual damage was done. They should have kept quiet and not speak to media if they were considering legal action.”

SingHealth has apologised for the distress and anxiety caused. They have also “counselled the attending doctor and taken steps to strengthen our processes to ensure that this does not happen again.”

But seriously lah, compensate a bit lah… so stressful and plus next time surely future quarrels could arise from this matter. Its like a judge passing a death sentence and then changing his mind later.



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