The Aftermath of Ultra Music Festival for every Singaporean


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Last weekend was the ultimate party scene for Singaporeans and tourists alike with  Ultra Singapore happening over at Ultra Park 1, Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. As this year marked Ultra’s 20th anniversary, it was truly everything we expected with the best of non stop EDM performances from Steve Angello, Fedde le Grand, Afrojack, DJ Snake, Aly & Fila and more.

However, Ultra wasn’t all fun and games especially when you consider the fact that it was probably one of the most expensive festivals ever.

First of all, admission price. 

Full day passes to catch Ultra Music Festival is well known to be outrageous unless you book your tickets in advance and avoid buying at the door at all costs (no pun intended). According to the saving guys over at  CupoNation, we found out that attending Ultra Hong Kong will only cost you a minor SGD120 for a tier 1 general admission ticket (with registration of course). Ultra Hvar Island, Croatia came in second cheapest (SGD154  for a tier 1 general admission ticket) and Singapore came in third respectively.

It’s expensive to just eat 

As all music festivals go, bringing outdoor food and drinks is a big no-no. But the unfair part comes in when you’re forced to purchase food and drinks indoors (well after all that dancing and screaming, who wouldn’t get hungry?). A hot dog bun and chicken yakitori will cost you SGD10 respectively – which is MYR30, equivalent to a filling lunch set in one of the chain restaurants in Malaysia. If you think you can stand the hunger and stick to a water diet, you would still end up paying SGD3 for a bottle of 500ml mineral water.

We all end up broke

You spend X much to attend the festival, then another extravagant amount on the perfect outfit which resembles a scanty glitter unicorn’s barf and finally more cash on surviving throughout the festival. How is any of this worth going through? One has spent roughly a week’s wages on a weekend you barely can remember with the amount of alcohol involved. Maybe we should consider less financially extravagant alternative local festivals instead of supporting Ultra’s hedonistic and materialistic nature.

Written by MaryAnn Toh (Ms)

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