Bold tourist sticks hand out of the window to “sayang” lion, lion clearly not happy

For those who watched Jurassic World, you’d probably remember how easily the dinosaurs ripped the humans apart.

A tourist in Tanzania who reached out of the safari vehicle to “sayang” (caress) a wild lion probably didn’t expect it to react so strongly.

They were clearly tempting fate.

The unidentified holiday-maker stuck his hand out of the window and stroked the lion’s back.

tourist touches lion

The lion didn’t react immediately but it did, after several seconds.

It turned around and stared at the tourist.

At this moment, the tourist panicked and asked his companion to “close the window”.

Then, the king of the jungle bared its fangs.

tourist tempting fate

And growled at the tourist.

The tourist fumbled with the camera after hearing the lion’s growl but they eventually managed to close the window.

An African ranger said the lion could have pulled the tourist out of the window and kill them instantly in front of their friends.

And friends, this is why you should NEVER touch wild animals.

Watch the full drama here:

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