Concertgoer shouting 369 gang chant during TWICE’s concert in Singapore

A video of concertgoer shouting 369 gang chant during South Korean girl group TWICE’s concert in Singapore was uploaded onto Twitter recently.

In the 7-second clip below, a voice, presumably a young boy’s, can be heard chanting “sah lak kau” (369) – one of the biggest and most prominent secret societies in Singapore – in Hokkien:

In the tweet that accompanied the video, it seems that the person in the video did not know the cheer (or also known as “fan chant” which is typically a chant sang by fans at performances and they are always in unison) to the song that TWICE was performing at the point of time, and hence he started shouting the 369 gang chant instead.

If you are curious, for the song that TWICE was singing in the uploaded clip, this is what the fans are supposed to be chanting:

The clip has garnered more than 59,000 views and 4,605 retweets in just three days.

While some people may find it funny, but it’s not funny anymore if you are convicted for any suspected involvement in gang-related activities.

Under the Societies Act, gang-related activity of any kind – from being a member of a gang to attending a meeting of an unlawful society – is illegal in Singapore. The penalty ranges from a monetary fine to jail term, including caning.

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