Singaporean Singer sings ‘Home’ in Cantonese…

It’s still August. The month of National Day. If you are not tired of hearing all the National Day songs, here’s a new version of ‘Home’ that’s sung in another language: Cantonese!

Singaporean Novabelle Ng sings at the Red Dot Brewhouse @ Boat Quay on Friday evenings.

(Credit: Novabelle Ng)

She rewrote the lyrics into Cantonese within 30 minutes as part of an impromptu task.

Here’s her post on Facebook:

Achievement!! ✔️? .
Can’t believe I rewrote ‘Home’ in Cantonese during 30min break time thanks to @fattq 大哥’s impromptu task for me hahaha ? This was what I came up with, with his help! Anyone who knows me knows I’m crayy Cantopop fan. So YAY. I’m a happy girl. ?
我的家 收起 我的歡笑悲傷
若可有點希望 夢想會自然飛翔
我的家 給我 無數愛的力量
這世界 無論有多好
這一生 唯獨有家 ??.

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