Workers’ Party (WP) Leon Perera and Nicole Seah leave Party after exposed extra-marital affair!


Lao niang just finished watching the Worker’s Party (WP) press conference and I still have SO MANY QUESTIONS LEH!

  1. How come back in 2020 when Pritam Singh was informed about the relationship, he check with Leon, check other WP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) members who checked with Nicole, but never check with Leon’s driver or ask to meet Leon’s driver PERSONALLY to clarify with him when the driver told him about the affair leh???
  2. Pritam Singh confirmed that both of them started the affair after the 2020 General Election, but stopped some time ago, So, when is this “some time ago” ah? 5 minutes before the press conference is also some time ago leh???
  3. How come Pritam Singh STILL maciam everything also don’t know after their investigations? Don’t know when the video was taken, don’t know where the video was taken – YOU NEVER ASK MEH? Isn’t this kind of questions basic questions???
  4. Is it Pritam Singh only start to kan jiong and act on the issue AFTER the video surfaced because he know he cannot act blur live longer anymore now that the affair jipaboomz???


Unless you have been living under the rock hor, if not you confirm would have seen THAT 15-second video of Workers’ Party senior members Leon Perera and Nicole Seah lovingly stroking each other’s hands in a restaurant over glasses of wine.

If you haven’t, you can watch the legendary video here.

And in case you blur-blur like sotong and still catch no ball of what is going on, here’s a quick summary of what’s going on:

A “touching video” of Leon Perera and Nicole Seah went viral.

WP say they will investigate about the “touching video” and the relationship between Leon Perera and Nicole Seah.

Two days after the video circulated, WP held a press conference to give everyone an explanation.

At the press conference, Pritam say, back in 2020, he received a WhatsApp message from Leon’s driver that Leon and Nicole were a bit too close to each other – go makan together, go hotel together, hug hug and hold hands together – like a xiao sus.

But then at that point in time, Leon denied and told Pritam that he was having problems with his driver, and also, there was no evidence to suggest that they were having an affair. So Pritam never really care about it.

It was until the video jipaboomz that the village in WP was made aware of Leon and Nicole’s relationship.

After the video jipaboomz, Leon and Nicole then admitted to their relationship and said that their 爱船 (ship of love) started sailing sometime after the 2020 General Election, but their 爱的小船说翻就翻 (relationship ended) sometime later.

Pritam also said that both of them are “healing” from this incident, but Nicole’s “healing” started much earlier than Leon’s.

Both of them have since resigned from the Party.

In 2021, Raeesah Khan also resigned from the party and as MP after admitting that she lied in Parliament.

Sure Boh?

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