Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers’ Party, but the question is: Why Pritam Singh diam diam when the whole WP kampong knows that she lied?

Raeesah Khan resigns from Workers’ Party, but the question is: Why Pritam Singh diam diam when the whole WP kampong knows that she lied?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that Raeesah Khan has resigned from Workers’ Party (WP) liao.

Her resignation from WP also means that she is now no longer a Member of Parliament (MP) for Sengkang GRC anymore.

Her resignation came after she admitted on 1 November to lying in Parliament about the details of a sexual assault case, which she claimed had been mishandled by the police. She was then referred to the Committee of Privileges for breach of parliamentary privilege.

To be honest hor, Raeesah’s resignation didn’t come as surprise lah.

But lao niang is more shocked to know that Pritam Singh, the Leader of Opposition already KNEW that Raeesah was spewing lies in her speech a week after her original speech in August leh! Then Pritam ah Pritam, why you diam diam and never say anything leh?

Very 傻眼, stunned like a vegetable.

To refresh your memory a bit, here’s a summary of what happened:

3 August: Raeesah made her speech on the Gender Equality Motion and in which she shared an anecdote of her accompanying a 25-year-old survivor to make a police report against a rape committed against her.

Raeesah added that the victim had come out crying because a police officer allegedly made comments about her dressing and the fact that she had been drinking.

1 week after 3 August: The WP leadership knew that Raeesah had lied about the sexual assault case she shared in parliament on 3 August – this one is Pritam Singh ownself admitted one.

Not only Pritam Singh know of the lies, Sylvia Lim, Faisal Manap also knew that she lied! Basically can say is the whole WP kampong knew that Raeesah lied.

Instead of asking Raeesah to faster clarify and admit to her lies in Parliament, Pritam still ask her to go settle her personal things with her loved ones first then go and set the record straight in Parliament.

September: Raeesah kena shingles, and never attend Parliament. So qiao (coincidental) hor?

4 October: Minister Shanmugam asked Raeesah for more details so that they can go and investigate, but Raeesah acted secretive and refused to give more information, citing the need for confidentiality.

1 November: Maybe she finally realised that paper is cannot wrap fire one, Raeesah then admitted that she had lied in her story about accompanying rape victim to police station.

30 November: WP announced that Raeesah has resigned from WP and will step down as MP.

2 December:  WP’s press conference on Raeesah’s resignation.

You see ah, in GE2020 when Raeesah got into some shit over her past social media posts, Pritam Singh jumped into her defence maciam some white knight in shining armor like that, sibei man until lao niang’s ovaries almost exploded.

Then why this time like that ah?

This CNA reporter Liying jie jie is right.

Is it because Raeesah already knows the possible decision of the WP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) and so she pre-empted the meeting to tell them she wants to quit?

But no matter what hor, lao niang still thinks it is a bit buay gam (not right) of the whole WP kampong to diam diam and keep quiet even after they knew that Raeesah has lied. Is it they intended to hard carry her and her lies, thinking that they can help her keep all these in the dark? Like that also not right what! CAN MEH?

A bit xiao disappointing though. Pritam ah Pritam, why you liddis? HAIS.

And one more thing ah, can people stop comparing Ivan Lim’s issue with this Raeesah Khan case and asking for an investigation outcome for Ivan Lim a not? This one lao niang really cannot. What is there to investigate about Ivan Lim ah? For being a 渣男 and a dickhead? But at least Ivan Lim is being himself, and most importantly, he didn’t become an MP in the end.

But Raeesah Khan is a LIAR, pretending to be someone she is not. She even breached her parliamentary privilege as an MP just to achieve her own personal agenda. This one is a big NO-NO.

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