Really meh? Did Cha Joo-young really bare her chest in Netflix drama ‘The Glory’?


If you haven’t watched Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ starring Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, and more, then you might need to up your game a bit liao. It’s like the hottest topic in town leh!

In particular, one scene, which features Cha Joo-young who is acting as an air stewardess Choi Hye-jeong her arguing with fellow bully Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), had a lot of people talking about it. Viewers have a lot of mixed reactions after watching this particular scene.

The reason? Because Cha Joo-young suddenly removes her blouse, exposing her breasts during their concentration.

Many viewers were taken aback by the provocative scene, labeling it as “unnecessary.”

One viewer commented, “Not only was it uncomfortable to watch, but the nudity also felt out of place. It added no value to the show’s plot.”

Did Choi Hye-jeong really film the nude scene herself in ‘The Glory’ or not?

On March 14, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video sharing the discussion on whether Choi Hye-jeong’s nude scene was CG or not, reported AllKpop.

The YouTuber explained that it is unsure whether or not Choi Hye-jeong filmed the nude scene herself because during the credits at the end of ‘The Glory’, the name Lee Do Yeon is clearly listed as Choi Hye-jeong’s body double.

Netflix drama The Glory ending credits

According to AllKpop, in order to find out more about the scene, the YouTuber spoke with Kim Doo Ho, a professional video forensics expert, to find out whether the nude body used computer graphics and replaced it with a body double.

The professional video forensics expert Kim Doo Ho explained, “looking at the position of the shoulder line or the direction of the lighting, it is highly possible that it was computer graphics.”

When Lee Jin Ho asked, “Does this mean they used a body double and replaced the face with the actress’?”

Kim Doo Ho responded, “I think they used computer graphics and deep fake. Even if they tried to make their hair exactly the same, there is a difference in how the hair sticks out. I think they used a body double and then used deep fake technology.”

Aiya, whether or not they used computer graphics, it doesn’t matter lah! It’s the story plot that is interesting, not the naked scene mah, tio bo?

Sure Boh?

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