41-year-old woman complains about being molested by her teacher 24 years ago


A 41-year-old woman has alleged that she was molested by a male teacher in a famous school when she was studying. After 24 years, the police intervened after receiving the report and arrested the teacher for investigation.

A reporter from Shin Min Daily News got in touch with the woman involved in the incident. During the interview, the woman told the reporter that the accident happened at the end of 1999. She was only 17 years old when the incident happened, and she was studying at a well-known local junior college.

She revealed that she was participating in extra-curricular activities in school at the time and was in the school’s team. Unfortunately, she injured her shoulder during the training, and a teacher in charge offered to help her treat it, reported Zaobao.

“He took me to a storeroom and then molested me in the name of healing me,” she said.

She said that she was very uncomfortable at the moment, but out of trust, she followed the teacher in charge’s instructions.

The woman also explained that the male teacher involved is usually both a teacher and a friend, and is very kind to the students, hence did not suspect him. However, afterward, she felt that she was violated. She felt very uneasy and panicked.

“I was afraid of going through something like this again, so I avoided contact with him,” she added.

She said that she had endured it for many years, and with the encouragement of relatives and friends, she decided to speak out about the accident.

In response to queries, the police that a report has been lodged on 19 November last year. A man involved in the incident was arrested on 10 March and the case is still under investigation.

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