Lalamove delivery man almost became drug smuggler after tasked to deliver a suspicious package

Lalamove delivery man almost became drug smuggler after tasked to deliver a suspicious package

A Lalamove almost became a drug smuggler after he received a job to deliver a suspicious package. According to Zaobao, the sender who initiated the delivery service not only looked dazed and excited, but the item he wanted to deliver also did not match the description he provided.

This then arouses the suspicion of the Lalamove delivery man that the item for delivery may not be as simple as it looked. He immediately reported it to the police.

Reportedly, the incident took place on Saturday (12 November), at about 7pm at the HDB flat in Jalan Bukit Merah.

The Lalamove delivery man, Mr Lee, told Shin Min Daily News that he received an order the day before which require him to collect an item at around 7pm. When he arrived at the location, a young man answered the door.

“The man who answered the door appeared to be in a trance, a little haggard and a little excited at the same time, and something just doesn’t feel right,” said Mr Lee

Mr Lee described that the man then gave him a small package, claiming that it was jewelry.

However, when he took the package, he felt that something was wrong.

“I asked him what kind of jewelry was it. And he told me that it was a necklace. But the package was too light to feel like it.”

Although he could sense that something was not right, Mr Lee did not want to challenge him on the spot. He took the package and tried to shake it after leaving the HDB unit.

“There was no sound even when I tried to shake the package. I pressed it and found that there was something hard inside,” added Mr Lee

Mr Lee said that he was worried that the package contained drugs and decided to call the police.

Mr Lee added: “Fortunately, I reported the case in time, otherwise I would have accidentally helped someone smuggle drugs.”

A police spokesperson has confirmed that they received a report at 7.25pm ​​on Saturday (12 November). Currently, the case has been referred to the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for further investigations.

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