77-year-old woman accused of hoarding said she did it to earn a living, asks for empathy

77-year-old woman accused of hoarding said she did it to earn a living, asks for empathy

A 77-year-old woman has been accused of hoarding things outside her house which raises safety concerns, Zaobao reported.

The woman said she did it to earn a living, adding that she would pay attention to the slightest whiff of trouble and be very careful in preventing fire.

This accident occurred in Block 810 Jurong West Street 81.

Residents told the reporter that they are worried that the debris piled outside the woman’s unit would cause fire hazards and other accidents, especially after noticing that the debris has been increasing, occupying public areas, and obstructing the passage of stairs.

“If there is a fire outbreak, the escape route will be affected. So, I have been reporting about this issue to the authorities,” said the resident.

When a reporter visited a few days ago, debris can be seen piling up outside the lift and in the HDB corridor. Most of which were paper cardboard.

According to observation, items were also stockpiled in the woman’s house.

In an interview, the 77-year-old Karung Guni told the reporter she used to be a cleaner until she became unemployed about three years ago. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to her old age, it has been very difficult for her to find a job.

“I have only started to collect debris in recent years, and I am also worried that it will cause fire, so whenever I hear noises outside, I will definitely go out to check. To prevent a fire outbreak, I have also put a water pipe outside the house so that in case of fire, I can put out the fire quickly. I am just trying to earn a living. I have no choice but to be careful and make sure that there won’t be any accident,” she said.

According to her, the authorities had sent someone to speak to her, and she has also cooperated by cleaning up the debris every week.

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