NYP student does Helikopter trend on an escalator for TikTok, NYP responded

NYP student does Helikopter trend on an escalator for TikTok, NYP responded

A video of a Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) student doing the Helikopter trend on TikTok has gone viral.

The video which was uploaded on Tuesday (14 Dec) by TikTok user Undersalt has since garnered over 246,000 views and 400 comments, reported Zaobao.

In the six-second clip which has now been removed, the TikTok user can be seen lying flat on his back between two escalators going in different directions. He then starts spinning around several times before jumping onto one of the escalators.

He manages to keep his balance after jumping straight onto the escalator, with his smiling face visible as his mask was under his chin.

His video has not only attracted criticisms from netizens for his dangerous behavior, but NYP’s official TikTok account has also commented on the video, urging their students not to do this stunt.

In case you cannot read the comment in the screenshot, NYP wrote: “You almost made our hearts stop. Please desist for your safety (and for our heart health).”

The school also added: “We gotta be the responsible adults here and say please don’t do this. To the rest, don’t copy please!”

Sometimes hor really don’t know what these si ginnas are thinking sia. He better go and thank Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Angels, salvation, heaven, and earth for not breaking his neck and for still being alive!

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