Hiring Security Officers: Mandarin-speaking + below the age of 60! Can meh??


A tender for security services at a Bukit Batok condominium, which asked for security officers who speak Mandarin and are below the age of 60, was just called out by the Security Association Singapore! So many pattern, think people stupid don’t know what they are really asking for meh??

Orhbigood! The authorities have been alerted liao and this management agent has also been named – Savills Property Management. Really speechless leh, these black sheep… They really must be named and shamed if found guilty!

This tender was posted on an e-marketplace site earlier this month. In their tender, they say that financial penalties of S$100 a shift may be imposed on the security agency if it fails to provide “a Chinese-speaking guard” for more than six shifts each month. Hmm, ‘a Chinese-speaking guard’?? The management may also fine the agency S$100 each time a guard older than 60 years old is deployed without the management’s approval. What kind of conditions are these huh?? Sounds like discrimination against non-Mandarin security officers (selective races?) and older workers lor!

“What exactly is the job requirement here that Savills is looking for? Furthermore, for a Singapore condominium, is it a reasonable requirement for a Chinese-speaking officer to be deployed at all times?” the Security Association Singapore questioned, saying that it would raise the issue with the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (Tafep) and the Ministry of Manpower.

During the National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong already say liao – that a set of guidelines on workplace discrimination will be enshrined into law to give the authorities more teeth and expand the range of actions they can take against errant companies.

Very good! These laws will better protect workers against discrimination based on nationality, age, race, gender and disability… Please hor, the Gahman / Unions / Associations already say many, many, many times SINGAPORE DOESN’T TOLERATE DISCRIMINATION AT WORKPLACES!

These black sheep, must punish them jialat jialat if they are really up to funny business. 

Lucky got the Associations and Union to keep a look-out for this group of vulnerable security officers. If you know of these kinds of discriminatory hiring practices and security officers facing workplace issues, tell them to whistleblow loud loud! Nah, the Security Association Singapore at 6836 0933 and Union of Security Employees at 6291 5145. Don’t let these black sheep get away!

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