An evolution of the nationalities that Singaporeans hate

An evolution of the nationalities that Singaporeans hate

Come to think about it hor, actually Singaporeans are a bunch of very cute people leh. At every phase, we will have a nationality which we hate.

And hor, it seems like Singaporeans just hate everyone since the beginning of time.

Don’t believe ah? Never mind, come come, let lao niang bring you on a trip down the memory lane.

We hated Malaysians

This one hor if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask your lao peh or lao bu. Last time if you pat tor with Malaysian zha bor, or worse, if you marry Malaysia zha bor, you will kena look down by people one.

Maybe because Singaporeans think we sibei high SES, sibei atas mah, so marrying a Malaysian is like a downgrade from angmoh chu to HDB like that. Even until today, some Singaporeans also probably don’t like Malaysians because we think they come here to snatch jobs from us.

We hated Thais

During Singapore’s construction boom in the 1980s and early 1990s, Thai migrant workers made up the bulk of foreign construction workers in Singapore. That time Singaporeans dislike them so much that would siam them like siao.

A bit hard to believe hor??? Before all the Ah Tiongs and Bangladeshi workers, it was the Thais who built all the housing and infrastructures in Singapore leh!

Back then, Golden Mile Complex was known as “Little Thailand” where these Thai migrant workers gather because they take bus to come to Singapore, and the common pick up and drop off point for them is at Golden Mile Complex.

That is also why you see now there got a lot of Thai restaurants, tour agencies, Thai newspaper stands – because it is to cater to them one, not for your siam bus hor.

We hate Ah Tiongs

Then after the Thais, the next nationality Singaporeans hate is the Ah Tiongs.

During that period, Chinese nationals were the major source of ‘new’ migrants in the world. A portion of them came here to work as construction workers, while the women also came here to work in F&B restaurants, work in food court selling Singaporean food which we see liao sibei dulan.

Singaporean women probably also hate them to the core because they snatched their husbands and cheated them of their CPF money – but this one really takes 2 hands to clap leh, no meh?

We hate Filipinos

Still remember got this period of time Singaporeans had some tensions with Filipinos working in Singapore?

Back then, there even was a hate blog against Filipinos which accused them of stealing jobs from Singaporeans – does this sound familiar to you?

We hate Indian Nationals

After the Filipinos, we also decided to hate the Indian Nationals – both the low-skilled and the highly skilled ‘foreign talent’.

When we see the Bangladeshi workers, we siam them.

For the highly skilled Indian expats, we accused them of stealing jobs from Singaporeans. We see them at Changi Business Park we dulan, we buay song.

We hate Ang Mohs

Because AMDK, period.

But is it true that Singaporeans are xenophobic ah? From what lao niang see hor, it’s not true leh. Singaporeans also hate Singaporeans what.

You see the Secretlab shuai lao ban who recently bought 2 sibei atas properties. He Singaporean leh, but he also kena suan and salt by a lot of salty Singaporeans for being successful at such a young age. So what if people can buy 2 sibei luxury properties in Singapore by selling chairs? He earned it, his money.

So hor, lao niang don’t think Singaporeans are xenophobia leh. Singaporeans just like to blame and see other people as a threat – regardless of who they are and where they are from, regardless of got CECA or no CECA.

From the start hor Singapore is a land of immigrants leh, ever since Stamford Raffles.

Singapore is so successful as a small little country and got today is also because we have been staying open to trades and we welcome foreigners and investments.

Tio lah, confirm there are times we feel uncomfortable when we see an influx of “new” members among our community, but slowly slowly, we also can embrace these new members, new friends one mah.

Let’s also not forget that these new members and new friends, when they 离乡背井, leave their homeland to come here and earn a living, they also help Singapore’s economy to grow and got contribute to Singapore one.

This strategy of inclusive and openness has always worked well for Singapore, and it is also one of the reasons why we can survive for so long, you know?

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