Singaporean woman dedicates song to Briton who refuses to wear mask in MRT

Singaporean woman dedicates song to Briton who refuses to wear mask in MRT

On May 7, a Briton was allegedly seen not wearing a mask while travelling on an MRT train.

His behaviour in the MRT train was caught on video by a fellow commuter and the video later went viral online.

If you never see the video before, you can watch it here:


Singapore Police also very steady and efficient, they later managed to track this 39-year-old British man down at his home on May 9.

Reportedly, the Briton will be charged in court on July 2 after he allegedly did not wear a mask while in an MRT train and later threatened police officers who had tracked him down.

He also will be charged for public nuisance, for not wearing a mask when he is out and about and for using threatening words towards police officers when they were just carrying out their duties, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

TikToker @vivianho_0418 has taken to TikTok with her self-composed song, likely in an attempt to get her message across to the Briton man. Because say liao don’t understand, so use sing one loh?

Which is a good idea leh! Cos lao niang also think that this can also be a song for the rest of the people who come to Singapore and yet refused to abide to our rules sia.

@vivianho_0418##tiktoksg♬ original sound – Abigail Barlow


Her video has since garnered more than 54,000 views at the time of writing.

Here’s the lyrics to her song in full text in case you also feel like singing along:

A country full of fines
Citizens are law abiding
But not for the clowns
You want to work here
Then follow our rules
Don’t try to act smart
You doesn’t look cool
Listen! This is Singapore
Don’t fool around with us
Unhappy with our system
You can just pack up and go
We are a nation of equality
We don’t give a shit to
White Supremacy!

Sibei steady lah the lyrics! Lao niang approve

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