Got union got po-pi: Union wins secret ballot to unionise Twelve Cupcakes

Confirmed liao! The Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) has successfully unionised Twelve Cupcakes.

This came after the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) administered a secret ballot with the Twelve Cupcake workers, where a majority of the workers voted that they want to be po-pi by the union.

What does this mean for the workers of Twelve Cupcakes is hor, from now onwards, they got FDAWU, who is now their lao da to look after them and take care of them at their workplace liao.

As long as they encounter any problems with their tow kay or run into issues at their workplace, they are free to go and find their union and their union leaders to settle for them. No need to ownself feel scared and 委屈 (wronged) and suffer in silence anymore.

The union will also help these workers cham siong for better workplace protections, better terms, and better benefits with the Twelve Cupcakes management.

In other words, the Twelve Cupcakes tow kay can no longer suka-suka bully their workers or take advantage of the workers anymore. If they do it, the union confirm will come after them one.

Aiya actually, the management also tan-tio lah because they can also look forward to higher productivity, lower employee turnover, better workplace communication. Happy workers, happy tow kays!

Really is got union got po-pi. Gong xi gong xi to the workers of Twelve Cupcakes leh! Huat ah!

You can read the FDAWU official statement below:

*FDAWU wins secret ballot to unionise Twelve Cupcakes*

Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) has successfully unionised Twelve Cupcakes after winning majority votes from workers in a secret ballot administered by the Ministry of Manpower. This resounding victory reaffirms the workers’ desire for the union to improve their welfare and work prospects.

FDAWU would like to thank the workers who have supported this unionisation effort and we stand ready to represent them.

The union looks forward to working closely with the management to improve workers’ well-being at the workplace, as well as to uplift wages and upskill the workers in preparation for the economy’s recovery.

Representing more than 55,000 workers currently, FDAWU endeavours to partner more F&B companies and workers to uplift both business and workforce while helping them recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Tan Hock Soon
General Secretary
Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union

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