Environmentalists say they want greener world, but don’t want petrol hike

Environmentalists say they want greener world, but don’t want petrol hike

A few days ago, during the Budget 2021 speech, Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that Petrol Duty rates will be raised with immediate effect – 15 cents per litre for premium petrol and 10 cents per litre for intermediate petrol.

But to ease the transition, Gahmen will be giving 1 year road tax rebates for the different vehicle types. Active Private Hire Drivers and Taxi Drivers will also be given petrol rate rebates to offset the changes.

Why must raise the petrol leh?

For those who don’t know why mou twin twin (out of the blue) got this petrol hike, this is actually the one of many efforts by the Gahmen to promote a green environment.

They want to encourage drivers to switch to electric cars so that got lesser air pollution and to reduce vehicular emissions. If not there will be a group of environmentalists/climate activists down there ti ti niam, keep making noise say Gahmen never do anything.

But hor, now they do something liao hor, still got people make noise leh!

Lao niang is not talking about those who are affected by the petrol hike – they make noise, they unhappy, they buay song is perfectly understandable. Because they tio affected mah.

But hor, what lao niang don’t understand de is, WHY IS THIS GROUP OF ENVIRONMENTALISTS MAKING NOISE AH?

First hor, Can you make up your mind a not? Sibei cute leh this group of 小朋友 (kiddos).

You all call yourselves eNvIrOnMeNtAliStS but you all bo ji (no balls) to stand by what you all believe is right ah? Don’t act yi ge like you all sibei noble, sibei 伟大, fight for the earth then kiu zui (shrink) later leh. Super 说一套做一套 sia. Not cool sia! Is it you all two-headed snake?

Ya lah lao niang know now all the Gen Z are all special like snowflakes 雪花飘飘. You all like to be woke and you all also like to be cool. You all super passionate about saving the earth and protecting the environment. Then can you all tell me, you all got use aircon mah? You all got do shopping and buy your fast fashion twice a week mah?

Still #JustTransition #NoToPetrolHike #WeStandWithWorkers leh HAHAHAHA eh, you all #StandOneSide lah. ARBO YOU PAY??? AI MAI? Good idea hor?

You think this one Disneyland, all your dreams will come true ah? Stop dreaming in your Lalaland ah. You can’t have your cake and eat it too ok? Grow up bah.

Anyway, say real one lah although lao niang take MRT one, but lao niang also understand how a lot of drivers will be affected by this petrol hike – especially those who drive to earn a living. But at least got rebate leh, better than nothing and the drivers have to tank everything themselves right.

Maybe this group of drivers can also use this chance to change fuel choices loh, or jitao change to electric cars?

Or maybe like what this Labour MP jiejie Yeo Wan Ling say in her Facebook post below, they are exploring ways to see how they can share the cost increase and how they can help also.

So hopefully the union can help loh!

Aiya nobody likes taxes. Very heng the increase it’s not the carbon tax of $50 a tonne introduced by Workers Party oppar Jamus Lim – that one is 10 times of what the Gahmen imposed sia. Siao.

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