Karma comes around – so you better be good for Santa this year!

Ever felt so angry that you just wanted to smash something? Well, this cyclist on the road did, after he thought a lorry driver was pressuring him by driving too closely next to him.

The male cyclist, part of a pair wearing a matching set of outfits, was cycling in the middle of a lane, while his partner was keeping to the side of the same lane.

The lorry driver kept driving closely behind the cyclist and honked twice, so apparently, our lorry friend was conveying that he wanted to overtake him lah, but this cyclist instead grew angry at the approach. He then smashed the left side view mirror of the lorry with his right arm.

Unfortunately, the lorry driver wasn’t in the most forgiving of moods and swerved his vehicle into the cyclist. The Straits Times later reported that he declined to be taken to the hospital. The lorry and the cyclist’s buddy also stopped after the crash, and police were called to the scene.

Some people will say the lorry driver needs to manage his road rage. For this incident, seems like the lorry driver could also be found guilty of Voluntarily Causing Harm (VCH), and fined up to $5000, jailed for up to 2 years, or both, and maybe lose his job too.

Some other people will say our cyclist buddy asked for it by hogging the road and smashing the vehicle in the first place. But brudder, if it’s you ah, how will you handle this situation?

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