Man wants $30k back from mistress, mistress retorts: “It’s $300 each time I’ve slept with you!”

According to Shin Min Daily News, a 58-year-old marketing manager, Tan, who is also a married man, had spent almost $30,000 on his mistress. After falling out with her, Tan wants his money back from her.

Married man asks $30k back from mistress

In summary, here’s what happened:

  • 4 years ago, Tan visited a massage parlour at Sims Avenue after he quarreled with his wife.
  • Tan then met a 44-year-old masseuse.
  • The masseuse was also a study mama who had brought her daughter to Singapore to study.
  • About half a year later, Tan entered a relationship with the masseuse.
  • The masseuse later told Tan that she wanted to switch jobs and teach at a pre-school.
  • Tan supported her and paid for her course fees by installments.
  • The course fees for training in early childhood education amounted to $19,000.
  • Tan also gave her a sum of money every month and would also shower her with gifts during festive occasions.
  • Unfortunately, after one and a half years of dating, she became distant and broke up with Tan.
  • At this point in time, Tan had already spent close to $30,000 on her.
  • Tan then demanded for the masseuse to return his money.
  • However, Tan alleged that the masseuse told him that she’s also charge him $300 for each time she’d slept with her.
  • Tan revealed that they were intimate for more than ten times when they were together.

According to Tan, the masseuse’s daughter is 16 years old and they are currently living in a condominium in Bishan.

Tan and his wife, on the other hand, are parents to a child who is still in university and he would not be divorcing his wife for now despite their sour relationship.

Heng ah, still got CPF… If not all these hum sup uncles’ hard earn money don’t know will all kena cheated or not lo.

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